Boots On The Ground NY

Located in Ronkonkoma  New York, Boots on the Ground is group of dedicated 
veterans which aid other veterans and their families when in need, staying true to their motto; "LEAVING NO VETERAN BEHIND ."

The group operates a 2700 sf facility, the Veterans Activity Center (VAC), constructed from donated materials and labor.  The facility is headquarters to their many programs for local vets in need and to provide a safe place for all veterans. BOTGNY operates a food and furniture pantry, meeting rooms for peer groups, holistic healthcare sessions, physical therapy sessions, PTSD programs, a veterans job program just to name a few.  They also participate in local benefit drives for vets in need, a welcome home program, VA Hospital support groups, caregiver support groups, holiday programs for vets and their families and a care package program for vets abroad.  Over 98% of all contributions are used in support of the veterans and these programs.

The men & women of  Boots on the Ground have made it a priority to serve those who have served for us. They do so on their own time, being on call 24/7 and without any compensation.  We are proud to honor this group, the service they have provided for our country and for the service they continue to provide to our veterans in need.

Lt. Michael O'Shea Service Award Fund:

Lt. O'Shea was a member and officer in our local K of C Council #5817.  Lt. O'Shea proudly served his country, and selflessly served our Shoreham-Wading River community and our parish. Lt. O'Shea served as an officer in our Wading River Fire Department. as well as a number of parish ministries.  As a B-17 Navigator, Lt. O'Shea was shot down twice and was confined to a German POW camp.  He received 2 Purple Hearts, The Silver Star and numerous commendations in recognition of his service to our country.

In the spirit of this dedication and service, the K of C Council #5817 has established the Lt O'Shea Service Award Fund in Michael O'Shea's honor and is awarded annually to graduating seniors of the Shoreham-Wading River High School who have demonstrated exemplary service to our community.

For more information on these charities contact our K of C council.