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8th Annual Mike Lust Charity Golf Tournament

Welcome to the 8th annual Mike Lust Charity Golf Tournament!

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New to this years 18 hole scramble!
<> Every player on the winning team will take a shot for $1,000,000!
<> A chance to win a $10,000 by sinking a 50 foot putt!
<> More music! More fun! More contests!

If you are new to this tournament please take a minute to poke around and learn about why we hold this special event each year. And then head over to the registration page and get ready for the best scramble in town.

If you are back for more... Thank you for helping accomplish what we have the past 7 years. And get yourself registered for an unforgettable year on the course for a great organization!

We are excited to be partnering with Spare Key as the recipient of the efforts the 2017 tournament will no doubt turn into. If you are familiar with Spare Key you know what amazing things they do to help families bounce and not break. If you are not familiar with Spare Key please visit their website and spend some time with the families they've impacted.

Spare Key Website

A day in the sun helping families in crisis with critically ill or seriously injured children?
Sign. Me. Up.


If you are looking to stay in the area please reach out to the Holiday Inn Express in Shakopee!

$119 + tax


To make reservations you can call direct to 952-445-2244 and
just mention the group block for Mike Lust Charity Golf Tournament. If you’d
prefer to book online, please use the link below.


Lust Charity Golf Tournament

Date:September 11, 2017
Times: 10:00 am
Fees:1MNSJI - 1/2 of Gre, Van, and Heinemeyer:

Marino / Walker:

Individual Golfer:


Individual Golfer - LSM employee:

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