Our Supporters

Supporters and volunteers, like you, enable HRM to help homeowners - widows, single mothers, the elderly and people with mobility challenges - with needed repairs and accessibility upgrades and to bring together churches in service. Enjoy six real stories and testimonials from some special people we have been blessed to work with.

1) David & Helen - Recently, we served David, a disabled gentleman struggling with diabetes and heart and kidney problems, by providing a "recycled" ramp that was no longer needed. See the amazing difference having an accessible house can make.

2) Keller's Testimonial Video - Meet an overwhelmed single mother of five who returned home after major changes and challenges in her life.

3) Julie, Don and Coleman - Coleman has cerebral palsy. He used to be able to pull himself to his feet from his bed or wheelchair, but when he hit his growth spurt, he lost a lot of abilities. Mom (especially) and Dad were ruining their backs hefting this handsome teen around.

The Solution   Coleman Video After the Project (Warning, will make you smile!) 

4) Hiam - After a tree crashed through Hiam's house, we faced one of our largest projects - ever.

5) The Johnsons - This senior couple was cited for house upkeep issues and headed towards an appearance in court when HRM stepped in to help.

6) The Blessings of Serving [VIDEO] - Two long-time volunteers share how serving others through home repair has blessed them.