Our Supporters

Dandy-Walker Alliance

The Dandy-Walker Alliance was established in 2006. One in 2,500 babies are born with Dandy-Walker Syndrome, a congenital brain malformation with no known cure, but available treatments. With the belief that by promoting awareness, providing a support network for those families, helping to set and support research activities and by making information available, Dandy-Walker Alliance offers encouragement, services and support to families who also aid in impacting and moving results from the laboratory to the clinical practice. To learn more about the Dandy-Walker Alliance please follow this link http://dandy-walker.org/.

Navy Safe Harbor Foundation

The Navy Safe Harbor Foundation provides financial assistance and support to Sailors and Coast Guardsmen enrolled in the Navy Wounded Warrior Safe Harbor Program and their families. Enrollees include those wounded in action, injured in on-duty, training or liberty accidents, or suffering from serious physical and/or mental illness.  To learn more about Navy Safe Harbor Foundation, please follow this link: http://www.safeharborfoundation.org/.


Armed Services YMCA

The Armed Services YMCA has served military members and their families for more than years 150 years, dating back to the Civil War. The organization supports more than 500,000 young enlisted soldiers, sailors, airmen, and their family members each year. Programs such as childcare and providing travel assistance to military individuals and their families are just a few of the offerings they provide. For more information please visit asymca.org.