My dad, my uncle Carl and I loved to attend Rob's basketball games when he was on the freshman and JV teams at Peter's. One particular game when they played Sea it was very crowded. We sat across the floor facing the benches in a "sea" of opponents. I think someone checked Robert pretty hard so he did what any normal Robert would do-he clocked the guy. He of course was thrown out. As he was giving his two fingered salute on his way to the locker room the fans around us started calling him an animal. Well that didn't sit well with the three of us so we stood up in unison and asked if they had a problem-we were ready to throw down if necessary. Thankfully though things settled down. I did not want to see "two senior citizens and one goofy looking girl start a bench clearing brawl at the Peter's game" in the paper the next day! (ESM)

One year Rob and his buddy attended a cross country camp somewhere in PA. When the week was over my dad and mom went to pick them up at Penn Station and I took the ride. I remember my dad having trouble finding a spot to pull over so he circled a few times. When they finally came out my brother had a scowl on his face "we were robbed" he said. What?! How could you get robbed in broad daylight at Penn station, we thought.  Well, apparently it was like that scene from the movie classic Vacation:

Hey can you show us how to get to the exit?

I will walk you to the exit; gimme your bags

Uh okay

Here's the exit now gimme some money


Yea for carrying your bags!

Uh ok, got change of a twenty?

No but thanks for the loot sucka! (ESM)

(I may have told the story how I like to remember it- would his buddy like to set the record straight!?)

UPDATE 4/6/14: this story has been verified!

One of my nicest memories of Robert I have is when I asked him to be in my wedding party. I know a lot of people start dreading the cost and the commitment but he honestly seemed very happy and honored to have been asked and that made me so happy. I will keep that smile with me forever. (ESM)

I used to keep names on a piece of paper of what I wanted to name my future kids. I heard a rumor of a name I "had" for about 10 years Robert was planning to name his child that was due that year so I naturally did what any sane person would do- I ran up to him and told him that name was taken by me already. He totally understood. His response was "well my wife is pregnant and you aren't so it sucks to be you". DO'H! (btw it worked out okay -my son loves his name so much he talks in the third person). (ESM)

One summer night when everyone was out having a good time at various bars around Bay Street, the skies opened up like I had never seen.  I am not sure why nobody tried to wait it out but I ran to my car with a bunch of people that I knew.  I must have been the only one sober in the group so it was my duty to take them all home to various parts of the North Shore.  It was raining so hard the streets were absolutely flooded; it made driving very difficult.  As soon as I got home from driving the clown car group of guys home my mom got a call from my brother saying he was stuck on Bay Street.  Rob's $100 car was submerged in water on one of the side streets by some bar that probably should not have had their liquor license.  My sister's boyfriend at the time and I drove right back down there only to see my brother standing on the top step of the bar with his life jacket on waving frantically to get rescued.  This night was totally long and crazy but I was so glad to be around to help out my brother.  His car, on the other hand, stayed out all night living the dream and miraculously nobody touched the (POS) car.  (ESM)

My brother and I used to go to the YMCA on Friday nights to play basketball (no, I had nothing to do on Friday nights).  We were getting ready to get in my car (yes, we also drove from around the block) and this kid we knew asked for a ride home.  Sure why not, he is from the neighborhood, we thought.  Well it turns out where he was living at the time was nowhere near "the neighborhood".  As we were driving along we noticed all the blocks had the same name just the suffixes were different.  Now I am not saying we were in a bad neighborhood but I am pretty sure I saw the Jets and the Sharks fighting on the corner.  When the guy got out we asked him how to get home and his reply was "go back the way you came". WTF??!....everything was a one way!  Well, we finally made it home that night and I am so glad my brother was with me because if I was by myself I probably would still be crying on a corner there....even though to this day I still have no idea where "there" is. (ESM)

The first car my brother had he paid $100 for it. We all thought he paid too much.  That is all I have to say on this.  (ESM)

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