Who was Rob Anyway?

Rob grew up in West Brighton in a large Irish Catholic family and was the third youngest of eight children. He attended Sacred Heart Grammar School where he was a Cub Scout and an Altar Boy.  As much as he tried, he could not get his car to go anywhere in the Pinewood derby.  He played baseball for Snug Harbor and loved to “do” the weddings during his days as an altar boy.  He was very afraid of log flumes and Frankenstein when he was younger for some reason too.  Every year for as long as we can remember he also ran the Pepper Martin race on the 4th of July on Forest Avenue. 

After grammar school, Rob went to St. Peter’s High School where he made many friends, played some sports and had a few fights.  He was on the Freshmen and JV basketball teams, the cross country team and the golf team. He got his first job when he was around 15 years old, first helping in the kitchen of a local restaurant and then working for a landscaper, both with his lifelong best friend Tony.  Rob graduated from St. Peter’s with Tony and the class of ’92. 

As an adult, he loved playing golf especially with his dad, being tortured by his Mets, attending our local St. Patrick's parade every year, going on family vacations, having BBQs and mowing anyone’s lawn.  Rob was a go-getter and a dreamer.  The dreamer side of him longed to be a loving husband and father and he found that when he eventually met his future bride. The go-getter side of him helped him climb the ladder from Blue Coat to Assistant Broker at Cantor Fitzgerald. 

He and his wife were happily awaiting the birth of their third child when the tragic events of September 11, 2001 changed all of our lives forever.  Although we will never be the same after this tragedy no matter how many years go by, we will never forget Rob’s fun-loving, party going, do anything for you, family oriented, good-hearted, hot-headed, afraid of heights personality.  We hope that if you ever think of Rob you take a moment, like we can now, and smile while thinking of all the good times you had with him.

Never Forget 9-11