On September 11, 2001 our lives changed forever. We lost our brother Robert when the World Trade Center was attacked. Anyone who knew Rob knew at that moment in time he was thinking of his family, especially his pregnant wife and two small boys, and he tried as hard as he could to get out of his building alive being the fighter he was. Unfortunately for all of us he never returned home that awful day.

Even though a lot of time has gone by since then, we still miss him and think about him every single day. So every year we celebrate his birthday and his life just as if he were here today by doing things he loved- going to Mets games, having barbecues or playing a round of golf. 

This year, as the 15th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001 approaches, we would again like to celebrate the life of Robert around his birthday.  In addition, since we know how much life as changed for all of us in the last 15 years we would like to celebrate the life of your loved at the outing. We realize that over these years many of you have experienced your own loss so we would be honored to celebrate your loved one on this day as well. Take the day out of your busy schedule and meet up with some of your friends/family and reminisce about days gone by and remember the good times with Rob and/or your loved ones.

We understand at this point in your life you already have many prior commitments and responsibilities but, please take a Saturday out of your busy lives and come celebrate Rob and your loved ones this day. 

Thank you,

From one of Rob's many siblings

You can reach us many ways:



Phone/text: 917-328-7942

James Shay, PO Box 141095, SI NY 10314

You can also find us on Facebook at robshayjr golfouting