Our Supporters

All teenagers and young adults need support as they prepare to lead productive lives, so parents often extend financial as well as emotional support to their children through the college years and beyond.  This need for a helping hand especially applies to young people who come from families who are unable or unwilling to support them.  And without this help, we see them everywhere: sleeping in doorways and at bus stations, hanging out dejected on street corners, searching desperately for a better way.

Elon Homes' dormitory-style Foster Care Village is located on the campus of Johnson C. Smith University for young men ages 18-21 who have “aged out” of foster care.  This urgently needed program offers housing, GED programs, vocational and life skills training, mentors, opportunities at the University, and other therapeutic services for these youth, giving them a chance – perhaps their last chance – for a successful and fulfilling life as independent, productive citizens.

The outcomes for young adults who remain in foster care to age 21 and receive support as they transition from unstable family lives to adulthood are promising.  These children fare far better than those who had to leave care, with no support systems, at age 18. In early 2019 the Village Phase Two for Women will open.

Proceeds from the golf tournament will help defray operating costs and programmatic expenses.  There are also multiple opportunities for volunteer involvement, including mentoring, providing a class to teach a skill, offering internships at a business, or helping with hands-on activities such as landscaping.

On behalf of the young men who will benefit from this opportunity, we thank you for your generosity.

For more information, please contact Jane Grosse at 704 607-7075 or jane.grosse@elonhomes.org