Our Supporters

Since 2007, UHCCF has awarded more than $45 million dollars in medical grants to children nationwide. Our goal the past 5 years has been to award our 20,000th medical grant in 2020, but because of the amazing support from our donors, sponsors, and volunteers we are hitting that milestone early! This summer our 20,000th medical grant will be gifted to a child, and they will help us celebrate at the 10th annual Hazeltine UHCCF Golf Classic this year! Don’t miss the big reveal of the 20,000th medical grant child and hearing their inspiring story in person.

Meet our 2019- 2020 Grant Ambassadors:


Crozet, Virginia

Sophia has Down Syndrome and has struggled with her speech. She found it difficult to speak, and when tried she was unintelligible. It was difficult for her to converse with other children when trying to play or make friends, and even tell her parents her wants and needs. Her family requested a UHCCF medical grant to assist with Sophia’s speech therapy. Sophia’s therapist greatly helped her with enunciation and made her therapy sessions playful and enjoyable. Sophia has made leaps and bounds with her speech and is now much more verbal.


Elkins, Arkansas

Maddox suffers from otitis media, a group of inflammatory diseases of the middle ear. Maddox’s ears did not work properly and he could not hear due to fluid on his ear drums. He had a lot of pain, chronic ear infections, and Tinnitus. His 3 UHCCF medical grants have helped pay for doctor visits, medicine, and surgery to assist with this condition. Since his surgery he has been pain-free, and can hear again. 


St. Louis, Missouri

Devon has overcome a number of health obstacles since birth, and has had to endure many doctor visits, therapies, medicines, and hospital stays. He suffered a stroke prior to birth, causing delay in development and weakness on his left-side. Also, he was diagnosed with a seizure disorder a few years ago, Celiac’s disease last summer, and autism most recently. UHCCF has gifted Devon 3 medical grants for doctor visits, RX, OT, orthotics and formula. He continues to stay very positive and is committed to doing everything he can to live a healthy and happy life. 


Providence, Utah

Laurie was born premature with a congenital heart defect, hearing loss in both ears, sight issues, and delayed motor skills. She spent her first months of life in the NICU and underwent numerous surgeries. She surprised all of her doctors with her firecracker personality and determination to survive. As she grew, she had trouble walking. Four UHCCF medical grants helped pay for with foot and ankle orthotics, eye appointments and specialized glasses, several ear surgeries, as well as specialized hearing aids to support Laurie’s sever hearing loss. Now her motor skills have greatly improved, as well has her walking ability, her speech has blossomed, and she can see and hear much better at school.

Aydren (AJ)

Durham, NC

AJ is a smart, fun, outgoing, loving child that tries his best to not allow his disabilities to get the best of him. Developmental delays means he demonstrates difficulty with motor planning and following multi step directions. He has poor attention to non-preferred tasks and requires support to complete them. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to be perfect at everything he does and yearns to be independent but is unable to do simple tasks on his own.The UHCCF grant has assisted AJ with additional OT time to help him master his ADL’s and fine tune his motor skills.