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Did you know that professional golfer Tom Morris scored the first recorded hole-in-one in 1869, during the 1869 British Open? He hit the ball directly from the teeing ground into the hole. Score 1! Imagine the excitement!

Fast forward to Spring 2020, and you too can experience one of the most exciting things that can happen to a golfer! But this time, it’s not just golfers that can win!

The Johns Creek High School Baseball and Softball programs are excited to announce the first ever HOLE-IN-ONE $1 MILLION SHOOTOUT! 

April 26, 2020, join us at the Country Club of the South, in Johns Creek, Georgia.

We’re giving you the chance to make an ace!

Don’t miss our most exciting event this year! 

REGISTER NOW for your chance to WIN $1 MILLION!


The Johns Creek High School is the only high school in North Fulton that does not have an indoor training facility to support our baseball and softball programs. Bad weather and/or the rain often prohibit our ability to practice outdoors, so we find ourselves having to cancel scheduled team activities, or rent indoor facilities should our budget allow. Given the typical January-March weather in the Johns Creek area, we definitely have our challenges.

Our goal is to build a much needed indoor training facility to enhance our ability to run a more successful program for the high school students that participate in our baseball and softball programs.

But even more challenging is the process, and the funds we need to raise to construct this building. The Fulton County School District requires that we meet their specific architectural guidelines, which increases the cost of this project. And, we must have all monies available before we can begin. Unlike other schools in the area who were historically able to use a loan to pay for the construction, the rules have changed and the Johns Creek High School is now required to pay 100% up front before we can even break ground.

Fundraising began for this building more than two years ago. This is no small feat, but we’re confident with your help we’ll get there!

All proceeds from this event will go towards the construction of our much needed baseball and softball indoor facility. Thank you in advance for your support! 


The first step! You need to qualify. 

  • REGISTER NOW to purchase your balls.
  • Just $5 per ball (2 FREE balls provided for every 10 purchased).
  • Each shot provides you a chance to qualify to participate in the final grand prize event, and the opportunity to WIN $1 MILLION!  The top 20 closest to the pin participants from the combined qualifiers will be invited to the shootout.  
  • Amateur and Professional golfers are welcome!  The shootout prize is for each and every hole in one made during the final so you won't be competing with each other.  The 20 qualifiers will consist of 19 amateur and 1 professional golfer.
In addition to the grand prize, there will be additional prizes for 1st*, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes in the final shootout, and daily prizes drawn at each qualifier. This website will be updated following each qualifier with a list of the Top 20 contestants. (*A 1st place alternate prize will only be awarded if no hole-in-one is shot in the final.)


Attend one or all four!

·     ~   POSTPONED - PENDING NEW DATES ~ March 21, 2020:  10:00AM - 2:00PM

·       ~   POSTPONED - PENDING NEW DATES ~ March 22, 2020:  12:00PM - 4:00PM

·       April 24 and 25, 2020: 10:00AM – 7:00PM


Sunday, April 26, 2020 at 9:00AM, on the 18th Hole at the Country Club of the South in Johns Creek, Georgia.

The top 20 competitors from the four qualifying events will compete in the Johns Creek High School $1 Million Dollar Hole-In-One Shootout!

REGISTER NOW for your chance to win! And tell your friends too! Just click "Tell a Friend".

Can’t make it?  Support our fundraising efforts with a tax deductible donation or sponsorship of our event. Just click the applicable link above. 

Thank you for your support of Johns Creek High School Athletics!


  • There is no age requirement to participate or to win the event. 
  • All participants must either pre-register via the link above or on-site at a qualifying event.  When pre-registering, simply purchase the number of balls (shots) you wish to hit for the qualifier.
  • At registration you must provide your current USGA status: Amateur or Professional. 19  Amateur spots and 1 Professional spot will make up the 20 finalists for the final shootout.  Failure to provide the correct USGA status will void eligibility for $1 Million Dollar shootout prize.
  • Each ball costs $5 with free balls given as specified levels. 
  • At qualifying events, all participants will hit each purchased ball towards the marked pin on the designated driving range. 
  • All hit balls that place within the marked ring around the specified pin will be measured to qualify for the 20 closest to the pin. 
  • At the completion of all qualifying events, the top 20 (19 amateur and 1 professional) as measured closest to the pin will qualify for the final grand prize event, and the opportunity to  shoot one ball for a chance to win $1 Million Dollars! 
  • In the case of a tie between qualifiers for the top 20 spots, competitors will be notified on Saturday, April 25th, no later than 9:00 pm of the need for a tie breaker.  Any tie breaker would take place on Sunday, April 26th prior to the shootout (arrival time to be specified) at Country Club of the South.  The competitors tied in the top 20 will get 3 shots each at the qualifying pin and their closest score will be recorded to determine who will move into the finals.  Any tie at this point will proceed to a second tie breaker with 2 shots measured, and if needed a 3rd tie breaker is necessary remaining competitors will get 1 shot each. 
  • Any "no show" for a top 20 finalist or tie breaker competitor on the day of the shootout (failure to report to the check-in area by specified time), will result in a forfeit of that players spot and that spot will be awarded to the next closest qualifier.  For this reason, the top 30 qualifiers will be notified on Saturday, April 25th by 9:00 pm so they can be in attendance in the event of a "no show".

The $1,000,000 prize is insured by HOLE IN ONE INTERNATIONAL (HIOI) and will paid in a 40-year annuity.  HOLE IN ONE INTERNATIONAL (HIOI) hereby agrees to reimburse the Association Member named on the Certificate up to the specified prize value for each and every hole in one (as defined by the United States Golf Association [USGA] Rules of Golf) that occurs during the hole in one contest and in accordance with the target hole data specified on the Certificate. 

SHOOT-OUT FORMAT - A hole in one contest conducted as a stand-alone event in which eligible contestants are selected via pre-defined criteria (i.e. qualifying).


·       TARGET HOLE WITNESSES – Our event guarantees the presence of witnesses, age 21 or older and not participating in the contest: two witnesses (one of which is a PGA certified Golf Professional) as well as a continuous, unedited videotape shot from behind the green of all shots to verify a prize win. 

·       TARGET HOLE YARDAGE: From the point on the teeing area from which each shot is initiated to the flagstick, the target hole(s) must measure NO LESS THAN 165 yards. 

·       ONLY ELIGIBLE SHOTS ARE ALLOWED TO BE TAKEN AT THE PRIZE! – A “Shot” is defined as a “stroke” by the USGA Rules of Golf. In order for a shot to be eligible, it must be taken by an officially pre-qualified contestant whose amateur or professional status is correctly specified at registration. Only one shot per contestant per target hole is permitted. Practice or qualifying shots, mulligans, or substitute shots for other contestants from the insured yardage are not permitted. A contestant is an “Amateur” if they meet the USGA Rules of Amateur Status on the date of the contest. A contestant that does not qualify as an “Amateur” is a “Professional.” HIOI is not obligated to reimburse its members for a prize if the winner’s amateur or professional status is not correctly specified at registration. 

·       TARGET HOLE REQUIREMENTS! - A regulation (as defined by the USGA Rules of Golf) four and one quarter (4 1⁄4) inch hole must be used. 

·       PUBLICITY: HIOI reserves the right to use names, likenesses, photos, and videotape furnished by the Association Member for marketing purposes without any compensation to any party involved in the contest.