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Mike’s Story

Diagnosed with gall bladder cancer in January 2007, Mike underwent radiation, two years of chemotherapy, and many surgeries.  In the fall of 2008, he developed lymphedema in both of his legs, causing him to lose his ability to walk.  During his three week hospitalization, Mike received physical therapy at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (formerly Sister Kenny) at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.  While needing to use a wheelchair for mobility, he kept positive throughout his intensive therapy.  Mike even worked on his golf skills from his wheelchair on a modified indoor putting green.  Rather than focus on what he couldn’t do, Mike concentrated on what he could do and his limitless determination helped him walk and play golf again.

Although he had to give up many of his favorite activities as his disease progressed, Mike loved to be on the golf course as much as possible. An adapted single rider golf cart allowed Mike to continue playing golf through most of his last summer.  Getting out on the golf course helped him to feel like one of the guys, and took his focus off of daily life as a person with cancer.

Despite his challenges, Mike remained positive, even calling himself lucky – lucky to love his job and work with great people, lucky to have friends and family that supported and challenged him, and lucky to have lived a great life!

In the first 7 years this tournament raised over $125,000 for the Courage Kenny golf program! We truly enjoyed our part in helping move the program forward. Thank you for helping us do it in memory of Mike Lust!

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