Our Supporters


I am forever touched by the sacrifices of our military personnel. I have gratitude for our Freedom and the strong men and women who have made it possible.  

A few years ago I found Give an Hour. This is an organization that has reduced overhead cost as much as possible allowing for 90% of their donations to go toward services. 

I have been volunteering for them for 2.5 years. Each person I have worked with has been desperate for relief. They have struggled with feeling crazy or weak. They have yurned for some way to relieve their system, hitting road blocks all along the way. Each person I have worked with has been beyond grateful for the organization and the service. 

Communication with the organization over the last 2.5 years always reminds me why I volunteer. They are grateful, responsive and willing to help their volunteers whenever possible.

Who is Give an Hour

 Give an Hour (GAH) is a small mental health nonprofit with a big impact nationally, and we are very engaged in helping during this pandemic. Our work to help improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of all persons consists of three pillars:

  • Increasing access to free mental health services for high risk populations
  • Providing mental health education for early identification and prevention of emotional suffering
  • Changing the negative culture of mental health

For more information about the three pillars and to access free resources, please visit

Impact of Give an Hour

Through our network of 4,500 licensed mental health professionals who volunteer their services, Give an Hour has provided over 330,000 hours of free care to veterans, U.S. service members and their families, as well as for victims of manmade and natural disasters.